Are you 20/20?
If so, wouldn't you like to give the gift of sight to someone less fortunate?
IRS recognized 501(c)3 charity

We are on a mission to prevent blindness.

90% of preventable blindness occurs in developing nations. This imbalance is created by a lack of preventive eyecare in many parts of the world.

The International Campaign against Blindness (ICAB) performs cataract surgeries, provides glasses and medication and organizes diagnostic camps in less-developed countries to prevent blindness.

Our Three Step Process
1. Diagnosis
We first run a diagnostic camp where many receive their first eye checkup.
2. Surgery
We then perform surgeries on those with diagnosed ailments (e.g. cataracts) to restore vision.
3. Post-operative
Post-operative issues are handled, ensuring successful results.
ICAB will provide the preventive eyecare that India, a country with 9 million blind, desparately needs.
The First Target

India has the largest population of blind in the world. There is a massive lack of preventive healthcare. To fill this void, ICAB is currently targeting India in its efforts to eradicate preventable blindness.