Preventable Blindness

The Problem

Preventable blindness is a global problem of massive scale, with tremendous economic and social impact. Thousands and thousands of people go blind every year due to a lack of preventive eyecare. In addition to the devastation caused by the loss of sight, blindness harms the economic condition of affected individuals. In many nations, the blind quickly fall into poverty due to a lack of opportunity.


The Cause

At the most fundamental level, there is a tremendous lack of preventive eyecare in developing nations. In fact, even out of those that are able to visit a physician, they only do so after deterioration of sight has begun. Even if a patient is diagnosed in a timely manner, the cost of treatment is often beyond the means of the patient.


The Solution

In order to put a dent in the incidence of preventable blindness, providing preventive eyecare is essential. After initial diagnosis, patients must be treated immediately with medicines and/or provided with free surgery. This is where the International Campaign against Blindness (ICAB) steps in.