Our Plan


1. Diagnose

First things first: ailments must be diagnosed in order to be treated. Thus, ICAB organizes diagnostic camps (starting with Mumbai, India) to reach disadvantaged populations who are in need of medical care. For many, the camp consists of their first eye checkup.

2. Treat Immediately

We waste no time in improving lives. If a treatable ailment is identified in the diagnosis, medications are provided to the patient free of charge. In addition, free glasses are also provided to correct refractive errors which are one of the major causes of preventable blindness.

3. Perform Surgery

Some cases are harder to crack and require surgery. ICAB also arranges surgical camps to which diagnosed patients are referred. Cataracts alone account for 39-47% of preventable blindness cases and thus ICAB performs cataract surgeries free of charge to the patient.


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